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Student of Week: Luis Adame

Since he was young, Luis Adame says he has always been fascinated with innovation. From an early age, Adame says he was drawn to robotics, manufacturing and prototype design. Fast-forward years later, Adame is an engineer in the making at South Texas College.dsc_0736

Arriving in the United States as a freshman in high school, Adame said he began working hard to pursue his goals. After graduating with his certificate from Veterans Memorial High School in Mission, Adame then started STC in order to finish his Associate Degree in Precision Manufacturing.

“I was a sophomore in high school and I started thinking hard about taking these classes. I really began to like it,” Adame said. “I like the concept of innovation. I think that’s why I chose to pursue an engineering degree. I like the manufacturing and design aspects. I would like to pursue things in manufacturing like robotics, or the designing of new prototypes. At South Texas College, we’re learning the basics. We know that we can go as far as we want in the class. There are no limits. We set our own limits.”

South Texas College’s PMT program offers a one-year technical certificate or a two-year Associate of Applied Science. Students in high school can also earn college credit through the College’s Dual Enrollment Program. The program is also the first in the State of Texas to be accredited by the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS).

“I’m thinking about finishing my Precision Manufacturing degree and then going for my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering,” Adame said. “I would like to design and also create parts. There are a lot ideas you can work with when you have that degree.”

Top three accomplishments:

“I graduated high school, and I passed all my exams to get into college. I graduated with a certificate in precision manufacturing, and right now I’m trying to get an associate degree. I have to keep going.”

“I encourage any student to keep fighting and never stop going to school. There is no better option than finishing school. I know what it’s like to work hard, but you have to keep going. If you want to have a better future and lead a stable life, you have to study. There is no other way.”

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