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Student of the Week: Christian Adame

Originally from Tamaulipas, Christian Adame says he grew on the ranchlands in Mexico. Often helping his father as a laborer, Christian says his biggest dream was to receive an education and obtain a better quality of life for himself and his family. Fast-forward more than five years, today Christian is a CNC programmer in the making at South Texas College.

Arriving to the United States from Mexico when he was a freshman in high school, Christian said he began taking manufacturing classes his junior year and eventually picked up welding.

“Coming here to the United States has opened the doors for me,” Christian said. “I began here in high school and my family all encouraged me to come to college. I love the experience of coming to school.”

Christian graduated with his Certificate in Advanced Manufacturing Technology in May. He continue with his Associate in AMT. He is also currently completing his Capstone hours in a non-paid internship, gaining experience in mold making and design.

In the future, Christian says he would like to work as a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) programmer, basically programming the machines that cut, shape, and finish materials such as metals, plastics, or wood into usable components.

“I have been lucky to have had plenty of teachers and professors who have inspired me to keep going,” he said. “Now I am going for my Associate degree in Precision Manufacturing, and God willing I will keep going to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.”

Top three accomplishments:

“I am proud of any product I have created in the shop. This always motivates me to keep going. When you start from nothing and begin to design on the computer, then see your work completed it’s an amazing feeling.”

“I feel lucky every day to be attending college. There aren’t many opportunities in Mexico. I come from a ranching family so it is almost expected to give up your education when you’re doing that kind of work. I remember working as a laborer with my father.”

“I am also proud to have learned English on daily basis from everyone. I didn’t know a single word of English at first but it’s something I learned from my ESL teachers, movies, and people I knew.”

“For students in my situation I would say never give up. Anything is possible, and just because we come from Mexico doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for us,” he said. “There are scholarships and companies looking for employees like us. It’s very important to enroll in college and get your degree, no matter what it is.”

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