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Student of the Week: Magali Reyes

Magali Reyes

Despite commuting to South Texas College every day from Rio Grande City, Magali Reyes says she is determined to receive her education. Magali says she desires to have a brighter future, and knows that in the long run all of her hard work will not only pay off, but will be rewarding.

“After high school I joined the Navy for four years and returned in August of 2014. When I got back from the military service, I told myself that I didn’t want to be on the unemployment list collecting,” she said. “I decided to return back to school to get my degree in engineering with the hopes of being the first in my family to graduate from college.”

Reyes is an outstanding student with plans to eventually receive a degree in engineering, and is currently pursuing her Associates Degree of Applied Science at South Texas College.

South Texas College is her first community college and is sharing her journey alongside her younger sister and brother who also attend the college. Being a student as STC, Magali shares how she’s enjoyed her college experience and is very grateful for her experience here.

“I was pretty scared to come back to college. I had to undergo the transition from military to civilian life. It was slightly a challenge but today I can say I am truly enjoying it,” she said. “I love that the professors and teachers are very helpful here. They are here to help you not fail you, and that is something to be appreciative of here at STC.”

Reyes was also selected to travel to NASA’s Johnson Space Center this fall to participate in the NASA Community Aerospace Scholars project (NCAS). Reyes is one of 304 community college students from across the U.S. to be part of NCAS, and is the one of two who will be representing the RGV area.

She will have the privilege to learn more about careers in science and engineering.

Top three accomplishments:

“Being selected for the NCAS is a big accomplishment . It was hard work getting there but I’m glad I applied myself to it because now I am going to have an opportunity to interact with NASA engineers and others.”

“Today, I’m a little more social and I know that it’s because of the Student Veterans Associations of America, which has really helped me a lot.   I’ve always consider myself to be introvert and had trouble trying to communicate with people but I can see in myself that I’ve overcome that hurdle.”

“To make it this far, to attend a college and be part of something bigger is an accomplishment. I plan to be the first in my family to obtain a college degree and I’m almost there.”

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  1. Lisa A Gonzalez says:

    Congratulations Magali,
    Very proud of your present and future accomplishments. It was a pleasure having you @Starr Campus as a VA work-study representative. Thank you for your service Magali, and best wishes , future Engineer 🙂 Keep in touch from your Starr County Financial Aid Family