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South Texas College Student of the Week: Griselda Barba

Griselda Barba

Griselda Barba is a student that has set no limits to her career aspirations since returning back to school after 16 years. A humble student and a mother of two, she has managed to maintain the highest average since starting the Medical Office Specialist Program while also working to obtain her GED.

As a high school dropout, Griselda understood that being limited on education meant that her financial situation would be at a standstill since she was always at minimum wage.  Her mother instincts kicked in and she soon realize to better provide for her children and to be a role model, the decision to return back to South Texas College to get her GED was the first step.

Today, Griselda is an outstanding student who is pursuing her GED and certificate as a Medical Office Specialist.

“I’ve always been interested in the medical field,” said Barba. “I can honestly say that I really like it a lot, and I know that after I complete my certificate I want to come back to STC and continue my education. My next goal is to work on getting my Associate degree.”

Griselda is expected to complete the program by next year.

“Don’t think you cannot do it.  I was afraid and scared at the idea of thinking that I wouldn’t make it after being out of school for 16 years,” Griselda tells students. “If I had allowed fear to prevent me from returning back to school, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Never give up, and always try your best.”

Top accomplishments:

“After 16 years, the decision to come back to school, to become more in life, is an accomplishment.”

“I feel like I’ve grown so much as a person thanks to STC. I’ve really pushed myself to be where I am today.  I’m so proud of myself because I was scared in the beginning, but now I realize I’m a lot closer today than I was before. I’m going to keep on going.”

“I realize I need to do what I have to do. From here on out, all I want to do is focus on my future. This is motivation for me and my children.”

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