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Student of the Week: Eduardo Salinas

Eduardo Salinas is a young student who says he lives life by a simple creed. Treat people with the same manner you would be treated and you’ll be rewarded with kindness.

Recognized by faculty for his maturity in how he approaches his school work, Eduardo says it’s his hope to reach others through his talent for music.

A graduate of Edinburg High School, Eduardo says has been a musician since he was four years old. Upon entering South Texas College in fall 2017, he decided to pursue an Associate degree in Music with the hopes of becoming an educator or professional musician.

“I’m hoping to become a choir teacher and a professional composer” Eduardo said. “You see people who do compositions for movies like Randy Newman, but I would like to do music that is more family oriented, and gives glory to Jesus.”

Specializing in guitar, Eduardo says he also plays bass, drums and piano.

Eduardo is also a Valley Scholars student, and plans to graduate in fall 2019.

“One of my main influences is my dad, Eddie Salinas, who is an awesome guitar player,” Eduardo said. “He was my first mentor for everything music related. I started by just trying to play random stuff on the guitar. It just clicked with me. Guitar was the instrument that hit me.”

“My band, Pathfinders, plays at different churches and various youth events,” he said. “There are times when I get the opportunity to play on my own.”

Top three accomplishments

“My first accomplishment would be getting into college. Nobody in my family has a college degree.”

“My second would be waiting for my future wife. It may be a little personal, but I see so many young people who get into relationships too soon, and I would rather wait for the right person and spend the rest of my life with her instead of getting heartbroken over and over.”

“My last important accomplishment is how long I have been serving Jesus. For me I know, when nobody else is there, it’s just you and Him. You get to develop that relationship and it becomes easier to see what you should be doing in life.”


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