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Meeting with industry

STC’s annual IT event brings students together with companies seeking the next generation of highly skilled employees entering the workforce.

Faculty within South Texas College’s (STC) Information Technology Program say there is an expectation from students in the program to leave little to chance once they graduate and enter the workforce.

To do this requires fostering the right connections while they are still in college, and taking advantage of events that put them in contact with those already in the industry.

This is the purpose behind IT’s annual IT Career Expo held on Feb. 22. At the event, current and future students had the opportunity not only to learn more about the Information Technology program at STC but also heard from companies in the industry about their expectations for students once they graduate.

More than 20 companies were represented at the expo included Houston-based NetSync, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ALPS Electric, as well as various school districts and municipalities.

“The idea with this event is to promote awareness and highlight the fact that the IT field is a highly paid field for those students who are interested in pursuing a degree,” said Adolfo Lozano, IT program chair at STC. “This event has been created to promote awareness so that when students come, they know what to ask. We expect the students to start exploring in their minds, what they want to become once they finish college.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, eight of the largest 10 Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) occupations are related to computers and information technology. Occupations in the industry include computer support specialists, applications software developers, and computer systems analysts.

The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have designated South Texas College as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity.

“This is a very informative event. I just finished talking to an FBI agent, and she gave me a lot of information about the cybersecurity internships they have,” said Caleb Garduza, an IT student at STC who will be graduating with an associate degree in Networking Specialist and Cybersecurity in May. “Can you imagine a high school kid getting all of this same information? They are already aware, and now they can be prepared for when they are ready to take that internship.”

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