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Starr County Psychology Club hosts suicide prevention training


On Wednesday, March 28, 2018, the STC Counseling Department along with UTRGV hosted a Campus Suicide Prevention Training for the Starr County Campus Psychology Club.

The training was the first for STC students. The overall goal of the campus suicide prevention training is to raise awareness of suicide as a critical but preventable issue among individuals. The training addressed the numerous risk factors faced by various groups including the general population, students, veterans, law enforcement, LGBTQI, students, children and adolescents, faculty and staff, as well as health providers.

Most importantly, the training provided guidelines on recognizing signs and symptoms of distress that can lead to suicide and how to address them with the individuals at risk.

“I learned that suicide is the number one preventable death,” said club member Yvette Garza. “Knowing how to look and listen for signs of suicide is key to saving someone’s life,”

Topics included noticing the signs and symptoms of suicidal behavior, identification of individuals at risk and what to do, de-stigmatization and promotion of timely mental health treatment when needed, and identification of local and online resources available for prevention.

All Starr Psych Club members and advisors Eli and Alex Sarabia received a certificate of completion for attending the training.

“This event was very important for me, not only for my career as a psychologist but for several people in my life who have been suicidal. Now I know how to pursue them in a direct and indirect manner, ” said Tano Del Bosque. “There are too many myths about suicide, such as that talking about suicide makes them want to commit suicide, but it’s not a myth.”


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