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Student of the week: Darrell Flowers

Darrell Flowers

A family man and a retired military student, Darrell Flowers is attending South Texas College for his second career. After graduating in 1990, Darrell decided to join the military. It was there that he would spend the next 27 years to serving his country.

Darrell is a full-time student who is studying Business Management. He plans to graduate in December of 2018. Excited about his future, Darrell shares that obtaining his associate’s degree will be a huge accomplishment.

“I want to open my own business, hopefully,” Darrell said. “I’m not 100 percent sure what kind exactly, but I would start with a small business. Once that is done, I do plan to continue my education over the course of time”.

Professors at STC have recognized him for his outstanding success in college. “With all his life experience, he adds so much to the classroom,” said Professor Marci Mitchell. “He is always the first to respond, volunteer, help other students, etc. His maturity and discipline will help him be successful in any future career.”

Flowers shares with fellow students: “Reach for your goals and set no limits on yourself, no matter your age.  For someone who has been out for a while, you have a different mindset. You have your discipline set, and you have goals because now your back and you’re wanting this more than you did before”.

Top accomplishments:

“My biggest and proudest accomplish is serving 27 years in the army and retiring, honorably”.

“Becoming a dad and embracing fatherhood. My daughter is attending school here as a part-time and working towards her accounting degree.”

“Being and knowing that I am a positive role model for my nieces and nephews. They are indeed my biggest family support system. Becoming and wanting to be that positive role model keeps me striving daily”.

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