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Student of the week: Lucia Agado

Lucia Agado

After being out of school for eight years, Lucia Agado says she found herself seeking a profession that would be a satisfying career. One where she would be able to make a difference in someone’s life, education.

“In education, people need positive role models. A lot of people are starting to pull out of the teaching profession and I totally understand why, but there’s people that still need influential people on their journeys,” said Lucia.

A 2008 graduate of Rio Grande City High School, Lucia shares that for a moment she was uncertain with the route that she wanted to go. “After high school, I just wasn’t taking things seriously. I lacked that drive to want to further my education. I decided to stop going to school and I just continued working as a waitress for a long time,” said Lucia.

With a support system in place, Lucia says that her family and husband encouraged her to return to school. Lucia came to South Texas College as a history major.

Lucia received her associate’s degree in history during STC’s 2018 Spring Commencement Ceremony. She plans to obtain her teacher’s certification with an overall goal of becoming a high school teacher. Additionally, she plans to go back for her masters.

Lucia shares to fellow students: “Even if you feel unsure, which a lot of people do coming out of high school, start small. Take a few basics and tell yourself you can do it. Especially if you have that want or that desire to reach for higher education. If you want something, you need to go and get it.”

Top accomplishments:

“Definitely coming back is number one, because for a long time I wasn’t sure that I wanted to.”

“I would say furthering my education, gaining more knowledge that’s definitely been a plus for me.”

“Making my family proud because they never gave up on me. I admit I was difficult but they stood behind me 100 percent.”

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