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Student of the Week: Anna Velez



Anna Velez

Anna Velez believes in encouraging students to do the best they can in school and learn as much as possible, so they can apply their skills in the workforce.

Velez says the challenges in her life have enabled her to make the most out of some extremely tough situations.

Born in Weslaco but raised in Florida, Velez said she returned to the Valley in 2014. Almost immediately, she said her lack of education despite her extensive work experience made it difficult finding employment in the area. She used that experience to return to college in the fall of 2017.

“That was my biggest push and inspiration. It was the fact that I wasn’t getting any callbacks when I would go to interviews. Every time I didn’t get a callback, every time I made an interview I was really left with a down feeling,” she said. “That is when I took the steps to come to STC. Being new here in the Valley has also opened up my eyes. It is a different culture, and we’re so close to the border. The media is so different here, the environment, the atmosphere, the weather is completely different than what I was accustomed in Florida.”

Velez said she is now working for certificate as an office specialist at STC. Her ideal career would be working for a company or a school district as an administrative specialist and help that firm grow.

“For students, I would like to tell them to never be intimidated. Shake off that fear, come and ask questions, knock on some doors, and get your answers,” Velez said. “Don’t stay with that doubt. Just come and knock on this door. Come and ask STC what is available and what it is that you can do. Just shake off the fear and never give up.”

Top accomplishment

“I believe my biggest accomplishment is showing my daughters that it doesn’t matter how old you get, it’s never too late to come back to school. Yes, it is challenging, but you have to have the mindset and the will that you are going to get through it. It is not going to be easy because nothing is easy, but it’s coming back. It’s coming back and demonstrating to my family, especially my three daughters. There is no excuse.”

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