Motherhood an inspiring force for one STC student

elvira-trevinoAs a working mother of three, I wear many hats and juggle various roles, including teacher, cook, housekeeper, facilities manager, driver, CEO and psychologist. A mother’s job is challenging on so many levels, but despite the heavy load of responsibility and the long work hours, the rewards I have gotten by being there for my children are priceless. And I can truly say that being a mom is the greatest job in the world.I love spending time with my children. I love to listen to what they have to say and learn from them, and I’m also constantly involved with their educations. I like to encourage my children to do their best so that they can look back at their own accomplishments and be proud of what they have gained.

My other job, as a student, is important to me as well because getting an education will allow me to provide a better life for my family. That is why I decided to pursue a degree in education at STC. After having children of my own and experiencing the joys that came with motherhood, I chose to make teaching my life’s work. To me, the look that washes over a person’s face when they actually learn and grasp a concept is invaluable, and knowing that I helped them understand something is what will make my future career very fulfilling.

And although juggling a family, a job and school can be difficult at times, what motivates me most to succeed is setting an example for my children and making my mother proud. She has always been my strongest supporter and my greatest inspiration, constantly encouraging me to work hard toward my goals. My mom was a migrant worker all of her life and despite the hard labor and long days, she never gave up and she never quit. It is this perseverance that inspires me every day.

Recently, I became a member of STC’s Phi Theta Kappa, an honor society recognizing and encouraging academic excellence among associate degree students. The program really helps students develop their leadership skills and community involvement. Being inducted into this group of great scholars reinforces my belief that perseverance and hard work does pay off, and it was such a wonderful feeling to be able to tell my family and my mom the good news.

After I graduate, I hope to teach at the middle school or high school level at one of the districts in the Valley, preferably in Edinburg. Eventually, I also hope to pursue my master’s and my doctorate degrees to work as a school counselor. I know that I want to work in education for the rest of my life, and I will feel fortunate to be able to go to work every day knowing I am making a small difference in the lives of my students.

The first step in the process is to earn my degree, a goal that I will hopefully reach by next May. The day when I walk across that stage to receive my diploma, I will not only be honoring my mother for all of the sacrifices she made to get me here, but I will also be encouraging my kids to pursue a higher education through my example.

Graduation will be a day of accomplishment and great reward because being able to see the look on my family’s faces when I receive my degree will be something that I will never forget. And it will be the best Mother’s Day gift I could ever hope to receive.

What is the best piece of advice anyone ever gave me? Someone once told me that there is a solution to every problem except death. They said, “when you’re alive, everything else is negotiable.”

What is my favorite STC memory? My favorite memories have been meeting and learning from all of the instructors I have had here at STC. Every one of them is different, but they all have a way of encouraging you to do your best. And they really care about your progress.

If I could have lunch with anyone, it would be my late father, who passed away 17 years ago. I remember telling my father that I no longer wanted to work in the fields. He would always tell me that it wasn’t that he wanted me to work, but learn how to work.

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