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A strong desire to make a positive impact

Student of the Week: Juan Salazar

I’m proud to represent STC. My journey exemplifies resilience on my pursuit of excellence and STC is helping me find success.

STC Student of the Week Juan Salazar

Juan Salazar, at 26 years old, is pursuing an associate degree in Criminal Justice at South Texas College (STC), with a mission to serve his community. 

Salazar’s decision to pursue Criminal Justice stems from his deep-rooted desire to make a positive impact in his community. Inspired by a personal connection to the field, Salazar is driven by the opportunity to contribute to the safety and well-being of those around him. 

“I have always wanted to give back to my community and it makes me feel happy to be able to do so "said Salazar. “Discovering the Criminal Justice program at STC was an important moment for me. Through conversations with experienced instructors, I gained insight into the program's offerings and its alignment with my career aspirations.” Said Salazar. 

With graduation anticipated by the end of this year, Salazar is already looking ahead. His plans include seizing opportunities to further expand his knowledge and skills as he progresses towards his career goals. 

“I’m looking into internships, externships, jobs, where I can practice my skills and find new ones,” said Salazar. “I find motivation in the guidance and encouragement of my instructors. Their mentorship fuels my determination to excel academically, professionally and to seek out these opportunities.” 

As he for his last semesters, Salazar’s advice to himself is simple: “Keep pushing forward and strive for excellence. I believe in the importance of perseverance and staying focused on my goal,” he said. 

In reflection, he acknowledges the profound impact STC has had on shaping his future. As a first-generation college student with two brothers, he takes pride in his educational journey and the opportunities it presents for personal and professional growth. 

Salazar’s dream is to become a police officer, a role that aligns perfectly with his passion for serving his community. Outside of his academic pursuits, Salazar’s actively engages in volunteer work, furthering his commitment to making a positive impact in society. 

“I’m proud to represent STC,” said Salazar. “My journey exemplifies resilience on my pursuit of excellence and STC is helping me find success.” 

For more information on our Criminal Justice program, visit https://www.southtexascollege.edu/academics/criminal-justice/.