08:46 AM

Alan Martinez Herrera - Active Outdoor Biology Lab Experience

Mr. Herrera earned a Master of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Texas Pan American. Initially, Mr. Herrera took his students to explore the campus grounds with the intent of showing them how to apply their knowledge from the lab to the environment and life around them. Realizing how many students were not aware or familiar with the beautiful nature centers in our region, Mr. Herrera led an initiative to partner with these centers to provide instructional field trips. This Spring marked the second semester that he successfully coordinated the travel of over 800 students to Quinta Mazatlán and the Weslaco Valley Nature Center. His innovated teaching provides a prime example of service learning as many of the students become park volunteers, actively applying their knowledge on speciation, natural selection, ecology, and ecosystems in a natural habitat.