09:34 AM

Department of Mathematics completes National Science Foundation grant sub-award

In the fall of 2015, the Department of Mathematics was awarded a sub-award from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley as part of their National Science Foundation (NSF) grant award, An Ecosystem for Success in Engineering and Computer Science in Rio South Texas (Award #1317661). The goal of this project was to support students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), with specific interest in students majoring in Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics.

A sub-award of $58,893.00 was provided to South Texas College’s Department of Mathematics with Mario J. Morin serving as the Subrecipient Principal Investigator to implement programming that would provide structure for said STEM students to accelerate and succeed in their mathematics coursework as well as to provide support for students majoring in Engineering to have formal advisement to support transfer to UTRGV’s College of Engineering. The Department of Mathematics used the monies to create an accelerated pathway for students to complete both a College Algebra & Pre-Calculus course sequence or a Pre-Calculus & Calculus I sequence in one semester, as most STEM programs require a minimum attainment of Calculus I in their degree plans (both Engineering and Mathematics require Calculus I as an entry-level course and pre-requisite to additional coursework).

Over the course of the three-year award, students showcased a higher success rate (>10%) in the accelerated course sequence model as compared to the single-course traditional 16-week course option. Over 150 STEM students were able to benefit from this program and many additional Engineering students were advised for transfer directly to UTRGV.