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Future-minded trustee Gonzalez-Alcantar touts priorities aligned with demands of workforce


New South Texas College Trustee of District 4 Dalinda Gonzalez-Alcantar  was sworn in to office on May 26. As a former STC student and educator, Gonzalez-Alcantar says she intends to focus on workforce needs as she begins her time on the board.

Newly elected to the South Texas College Board of Trustees, Dalinda Gonzalez-Alcantar says the most important thing she can do in her first year on the board is prioritize a review of current degrees and certifications to ensure they are aligned with the demands of the workforce.

Speaking as a former student of STC, back when it was called South Texas Community College, as well as an educator for more than 13 years, Gonzalez-Alcantar says she plans to delve into the most pressing needs for the college with a keen eye for the future.

“My particular brand of leadership, whether as the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of McAllen or mom at home, has always been about people,” she said. “I’m very people-focused, whether that is the employees, faculty and staff at STC or most importantly all of the current and future students and families of the Valley. Looking at the current degrees we have, including certifications and continuing education, is essential, as well as making sure they are aligned with the demands of the workforce. We need to look at what we can begin to offer now so we can get ahead of new opportunities.”

"We need to look at what we can begin to offer now so we can get ahead of new opportunities.”

STC Trustee District 4 Dalinda Gonzalez-Alcantar

This year, Gonzalez-Alcantar said she will focus on getting to know the college and advocating for its needs as well as the needs of the students, faculty and staff.

She will also begin assessing where trustees can implement cost-savings, keeping it as cost-effective as possible to attend STC and strengthen current articulation agreements across the state in order to create new partnerships within the business community, local school districts and all governmental entities.

“It is amazing and still hard to believe that I can now serve in this capacity as a trustee,” she said. “What a blessing this is, and a privilege and an honor that the community chose me.”

Gonzalez-Alcantar represents District 4, which covers north McAllen, Northwest Pharr, Palmhurst, Northeast Mission and Southwest Edinburg. Her current term runs through May 2026.