09:30 AM

Here to Serve

Two STC police officers get selected to Lt. and Sgt.


STC Chief of Police, Ruben Suarez congratulates Police Lt., Johnny Barboza (left) and Police Sgt. Rene Avendano on their new titles with the campus police department. 

“Two STC police employees, Sergeant Johnny Barboza and Police Compliance Coordinator Rene Avendano have recently earned new titles as Lieutenant Barboza and Sergeant Avendano," said STC Chief of Police Ruben Suarez.  

STC Police Lt. Johnny Barboza was a former Marine and served with the State of Texas as a DPS Trooper for 24 years before joining the college in August 2013.  He started as a patrol officer and then sergeant. In May, he was selected to become a police lieutenant.  

“We’re here to ensure the safety and security of all our faculty, students, staff and visitors to the college,” said Lt. Barboza. It’s just the next step and I love being a part of the STC family and I’m here to serve. I’m happy to be here.”  

His Personal Philosophy:  

“We’re here for the people and to provide for the public to make sure that they have a great college environment. We’re here to serve, we believe in community policing, and we want to do whatever we can for the public.”  

- Police Lt., Johnny Barboza  


STC Police Sgt. Rene Avendano has been serving with STC’s public safety department for two years and was a former police officer with the City of McAllen with an extensive background in law enforcement. He also served in the United States Marine Corps for 24 years in the infantry and completed numerous overseas deployments including two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

“I have a law enforcement background, and it's something I’ve always wanted to do. I want to continue in that background especially here with the resources the college provides,” said Sgt. Avendano. “I feel very honored and it’s something that I always strived for. It’s an honor to serve the campus. I hope to continue on and eventually keep moving on as the campus grows; I want to grow with it.”  

His Personal Philosophy: 

“The people always come first, that’s the most important part - to take care of the campus community and to make sure that the faculty, staff and students are safe at all times.  

- Police Sgt. Rene Avendano