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New Technology Campus Dean To Consider Groundbreaking Options for Learning


Longtime chair of STC’s Architectural Engineering Design and Technology Program Sara Lozano has been named the new dean for the college’s Business, Public Safety, and Technology division.

“Opportunity means opening our doors for students to learn in various ways."
Sara Lozano, Dean of Business, Public Safety, and Technology

Determined to consider groundbreaking options for learning, new Dean for Business, Public Safety, and Technology (BPST) Sara Lozano says her team is ready to be innovative and unveil a new era of higher education and workforce training.

Lozano was selected as the Dean for BPST on August 1, 2020. Her new role now has her overseeing all the programs in the division from Culinary Arts to Welding and the college’s Fire Science and Law Enforcement housed at the Regional Center for Public Safety Excellence.

“Opportunity means opening our doors for students to learn in various ways,” Lozano said. “Some students want a traditional education, some don’t have that time. Some students want to find an opportunity to put their skills to use, but need the degree.

“Others are eager to learn new skills to address the needs of our community quickly, so certificates that can be completed in less than a year are the best path for them,” she said. “Reaching out and providing access to all students and potential students is so important.”

Lozano is Ivy League-educated, possessing a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Yale University, and a Master of Higher Education Administration and Leadership from Adams State University.

During her 13-year tenure as South Texas College, she has served as faculty member, as well as Chair of the AEDT program. She most recently served as the Point of Contact for the Business, Public Safety, and Technology Division following the retirement of longtime dean Mario Reyna in January.

Outside of the college, Lozano is a part of the American Institute of Architects – Lower Rio Grande Valley Chapter (LRGVAIA), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and the Texas Community College Teachers Association (TCCTA).