10:31 PM

South Texas College receives $100,000 grant to support economic development

South Texas College (STC) and the Starr County Industrial Foundation (SCIF) received a $100,000 federal planning grant from the Economic Development Administration (EDA), a bureau within the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Additionally, non-federal match funds will be contributed by STC, SCIF, and other partners totaling $25,000 to support this project.

South Texas College Director of Grant Development, Management and Compliance, Dr. Virginia Champion says the grant will support the college and the Starr County Industrial Foundation’s interest in the development of a current Asset Map of Starr County and to facilitate a Strategic Planning Conference with key leaders and stakeholders.

Vice-Chair of the South Texas College Board of Trustees and President of the Starr County Industrial Foundation, Rose Benavidez says this grant is important to the region.

“South Texas College and the Starr County Industrial Foundation have partnered once more to create a pathway to reinforce and improve the economic drivers for our community and this area,” said Benavidez. “This EDA grant will ensure that we maximize our joint efforts to strengthen our economic growth and set forth a plan to achieve a sustained level of success in Starr County and the region.”

South Texas College President, Dr. Shirley A. Reed says this grant is all about building partnerships that benefit the community.

“South Texas College thanks the Economic Development Administration, the Starr County Industrial Foundation, and the employers and workforce in Starr County,” said Dr. Reed. “Together we continue to build the partnerships and train the high-skilled workforce that leads to meaningful employment, regional prosperity, and the sustainable improvement of communities.”

Project planning is set to begin in September of 2018.