McAllen, TX,
18:39 PM

STC Essential Services, Food Pantry Open By Appointment Only

South Texas College has received authorization to open limited, essential services by appointment only, at its campuses.

Appointments will be available for students dealing with issues they are unable to clear online or remotely including enrollment, financial aid, counseling, and advising.

“We are not open for normal business,” said Dr. David Plummer, Vice-President of Information Services, Planning & Strategic Initiatives.

“We have received approvals to provide limited essential services that can’t be done online, and Hidalgo and Starr Counties are also allowing some of our limited technical programs to conduct labs that have a required hands-on component like welding and allied health programs,” Dr. Plummer said. “All of these are by appointment only as we need to limit the amount of students on campus at any one time.”

STC will still be ensuring it is following local, state, and federal guidelines for scheduled appointments including making sure there are no more than 10 people per group, social distancing, and the use of personal protective equipment.

“We are working with health departments within the counties to make sure we adhere to work safe measures,” said Matthew Hebbard, Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. “In my area, we have appointments for limited essential services for admissions and financial aid, we have virtual services online and call center support. That’s what we are doing at this point. The goal is to get limited essential services at our campuses but they are not officially opening.”

Students can find a range of services at, by clicking on the COVID-19 Updates banner.

To request an appointment for student support services, click here:

For open labs and computer reservations, visit:

STC’s student food pantry will also be available to eligible students. The Department of Student Activities and Wellness will be placing calls to students registered with the pantry who are seeking to make an appointment to receive food assistance, and will distribute pantry items using a curb-side system on select days.

“We have a pantry at Pecan, Starr, and Mid Valley Campuses, and we will open them by appointment only for students,” said Elibariki Nguma, Director of Student Activities and Wellness. “We already have students who are registered with the food pantry so those are the students we are going to call to make an appointment. We also plan to enroll new applicants.”

For additional information on pantry services please email your full name, address, phone number, and student “A” number to at the Mid Valley Campus, at the Pecan Campus, or at the Starr County Campus.