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STC holds virtual graduation ceremony Dec. 12

When she returned to college in her 50s, Idalia Cazares was already a student of life.

The biggest struggle was just to try, she said.

Initially returning to school in the summer of 2015, Idalia said she began slowly, taking one class at a time to test herself, but gathered her courage and opted to go full-time in order to pursue a Bachelor of Applied Technology in Technology Management.

Now through years of experience, Idalia says she has come to believe that culture, values, and a vision for success are tailored to a belief system, and hopes to leave a message for women her age to never stop dreaming.

“My college perspective has been to follow your heart and dreams and never doubt yourself. It is possible no matter what age you are,” Idalia said. “For me the biggest struggle was to try, but once I had one foot in, there was no turning back for me only because I really enjoyed it. My motivation is to strive for success and knowing that all the hard work will pay off soon.

“To accomplish goals in life, one must not give up,” she said. “Dreams do come true.”

Idalia will be among the thousands of students who will be receiving their degrees this week.

South Texas College will be holding its fall 2020 commencement virtually on Dec. 12. Students were asked earlier in the fall to begin submitting personal messages and photos, which will then be put on a web slide printed with the student’s name, degree, field of study, and honors.

STC will also share social media videos of faculty congratulating graduates leading up to the virtual ceremony. Students were also sent an email informing them of their marching order, along with specific instructions on how to access the link, and upload their photo and messages to their individual graduate slide.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to offer our students a virtual graduation ceremony and wish all graduates the best in their future endeavors,” said Cindy Blanco, Director of Student Records and Registrar at South Texas College. “We know this a dream come true for our students and despite COVID-19, STC made every effort to make this as celebratory as possible for them in honor of all of their sacrifices and achievements.”