03:11 PM

Student of the Week: Debanhi Perez

Debanhi Perez says she has always been oriented to helping those in need. In high school, she fostered this talent by taking advantage of clinical visits and working with patients from an early age to guide her future career in nursing.

Now in her first year at South Texas College (STC), Debanhi says she is pursuing her degree in order to become a trauma nurse, rendering care to patients suffering serious and life-threatening injuries.

“It’s very fast paced, and it involves people who come in with extensive injuries, but I am fascinated with that environment,” she said. “I can’t see myself doing any other career. I feel like I have the mind for a medical career. I don’t think I could do business or criminal justice. I am more oriented towards math and science.”

Currently finishing her prerequisites before entering the nursing program, Debanhi is among the top students in her anatomy and physiology classes, according to her professors at STC.

At Sharyland Pioneer High School, she graduated top 10 percent in her class and began at STC during fall 2017 due to its affordability and location near her home.

“For other students, I would like to let them know that even though it’s really hard not getting frustrated pursuing a degree in the medical field, you have to stay on top of it all. If you fall behind, it’s really hard to get back up.”

Top three accomplishments:

“I graduated top 10 percent and with honors at my high school, and I am proud that success has translated to college.”

“I also think it was super beneficial that I took college classes in high school. I came in already familiar with the way my schedule works. I took a few college courses early on, and it was important for me to understand what classes I needed to take for my career.”

“I feel I always have to be prepared and on top of all my material. For students, I would tell them that if they feel they are struggling, get help right away. Here at STC, they offer a lot of help. It’s important to take full advantage of those resources.”