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Student of the Week: Sanobia-Ashley Bogle

Faculty at STC say Sanobia-Ashley Bogle brings a wealth of life experience to the classroom that inspires her peers to achieve more in their pursuit of an education. She is a licensed massage therapist and says she has always been inspired to help people deal with their internal problems.

Originally from Miami, Sanobia is a married mother of two coming back to school after 13 years in order to work on her degree as a Physical Therapist.

“I have grandmothers who have arthritis and as a girl I would always offer to rub their knees, I would always say ‘Maybe you need to stretch them’ I was always into that,” Sanobia said. “I got into yoga in high school and I felt the benefits of yoga and stretching, so I would always do my own version of physical therapy. Then I said ‘Well, why don’t I do this as a profession?’

“I’d love to help someone relieve migraine pains, issues with their arthritis, and carpel tunnel for example,” she said. “What field would give me the opportunity to do that? Physical therapy.  It has just been a straight shot since then.”

Now in her second semester at STC, Sanobia says she spent years out of school raising a family. She entered the workforce right out of high school and became a mother. Returning to college, Sanobia says it was difficult at first to adjust to studying while maintaining her family, but took full advantage of the resources available on campus.

“The advice I would give students is to never stop following your dreams,” Sanobia said. “Always push yourself. You are never too old. I will be 30 this year and I am hanging out with 18 year olds for study groups and things like that so it’s fine. Do not be ashamed and don’t ever feel like it’s too late.”

Top three accomplishments:

“I am flattered to be accepted for student of the week so that’s something that’s really made me happy.”

“I like the idea that I am coming back to school because honestly I’m a mother and I haven’t gone to school in over 13 years. I know it’s hard sometimes going back to school after such a long period of time so I’m proud of myself for making the effort.”