10:24 AM

Summer Pell funds available for eligible students

South Texas College students enrolling for Summer classes may be eligible for Pell grant funds, according to the Office of Student Financial Services.

          A. If a student was awarded the Pell grant under full-time status (12+ credit hours) for both Fall and Spring, they may be eligible to receive an additional semester Pell grant award for Summer; we call this Year Round Pell. Here are some of the requirements to receive the Year Round Pell grant during Summer:

· Be Pell Grant eligible

· Be registered for at least 6 credit hours*

· Be meeting Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress

· Have not reached the Pell Lifetime Eligibility Limit

· If registered for less than 6 credit hours, students must complete 2020-2021 FAFSA at fafsa.ed.gov to be considered for Pell Grant funds in the summer.

*Please note that if students register for 3 credit hours Summer I and 3 credit hours Summer II, their aid will not disburse until Summer II

          B. If a student was not awarded 100% of their Pell grant funds because they did not enroll full-time (12+ credit hours) during Fall and/or Spring,:

  • they may use the remainder amount of their current award year Pell Grant amount with no minimum credit hours requirement to receive it, assuming they meet Pell eligibility requirements, or
  • they may receive a combination of the Pell remainder amount and Year Round Pell, up to a semester Pell grant award, depending on enrollment, if they meet the requirements discussed above.

For Senate Bill 1528 students, although the Texas Educational Opportunity Grant (TEOG) is not available for Summer semester, we are able to assist students who maintain Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress, as long as funds are available. Please note that these funds may only cover a portion of their bill.

Students may view their award offers on JagNet or they may contact the financial aid office at finaid@southtexascollege.edu for more information.

Summer I classes begin June 1 and Summer II classes begin July 8. Register now!