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Third annual internship program welcomes NAH students from Mexico

In  June, A total of fourteen high school students arrived at South Texas College Nursing & Allied Health campus from the Unibersidad de Autonoma de Nuevo Leon for a 3-week internship program in American Nursing Education. High school students are in their second semester in the Nurse Technician Program.

2017, marks the third year for the internship program at STC.

Administrators from the Unibersidad de Autonoma de Nuevo Leon along with student’s parents where welcomed by Dr. Jayson T. Valerio, Interim Dean of Nursing & Allied Health and Dr. Christie Candelaria, ADN Program Director. The morning agenda included a brief history of South Texas College Nursing & Allied Health Campus and a tour of the NAH campus. In addition, Dr. Candelaria provided the students with their 3-week schedule, classroom and skills lab/simulation policies, professional decorum, and objectives for their internship.

For the duration of their short internship, students were exposed to simulation, skill tasks based nursing procedures, and didactic learning. The 3-week internship ended with a ceremony event held on June 30, 2017. The ceremony began with a welcome remarks by Dr. Valerio who congratulated each student and thanked the Administrators of Unibersidad de Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, and their parents for entrusting their students to us. Dr. Valerio reminded each student to include in their resume that they had their internship to a world class institution, South Texas College. Each student received a Certificate of Completion for the internship program.  The event concluded by words of gratitude from Dr. Olga Zapata, Dean of Nursing from the Unibersidad de Autonoma de Nuevo Leon and student representative, Ricardo Luna Escobedo. Dr.  Valerio

“This internship was a wonderful experience not only for me but to the rest of my classmates. The best experience for us was the simulation. Unlike in our school, we do not have a chance to practice nursing skills but rather hone our skills in real patients at the different clinical settings. I will be forever grateful to this experiential learning and the warm hospitality you have showed to us,” Escobedo said. “Your students are blessed with the state of the art equipment and are ready to work as nurses upon graduation.”