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Student of the Week: Nayeli Monise Cedillo

STC has created an environment where I am more comfortable with being myself. I have been told that I’ve come out of my shell.

STC Student of the Week Nayeli Monise Cedillo

Nayeli Monise Cedillo, 18, is not just a student pursuing a degree in Biology at South Texas College with aspirations in Animal Science and Veterinary Studies, but her journey is marked by personal connections, academic excellence and a profound passion for animals. 

"My mom and older brother attended STC before me," Cedillo’s shared. “It was their influence and guidance that sparked my interest in Biology and propelled me towards my academic pursuits.” 

For Cedillo, STC isn't just a place of learning. She said it's a nurturing environment where she finds herself continuously evolving. 

"STC has created an environment where I am more comfortable with being myself. I have been told that I’ve come out of my shell; I’ve become more outgoing ," she said. 

For a little over a year, she has excelled not only academically, but also in extracurricular activities at STC. Her involvement in intramural sports, particularly basketball, has not only forged lasting friendships, but also game victory. 

"I plan to keep my grade-point average (GPA) high, play sports and meet new people,” Cedillo said. 

With three siblings by her side and supportive parents, who although didn't get to pursue a higher education, still instilled the value of learning and hard work, Cedillo is driven by a desire to pave the way for her family's future.

Last semester, Cedillo and her brother had the same classes and made it a bonding experience, from studying together to completing the course with outstanding grades. 

"I get motivated by my older brother,” she said. “His example serves as a guiding light, reminding me to keep pushing forward while also acknowledging the importance of taking breaks when needed.” 

Looking ahead, Cedillo plans of combining her professional aspirations with her love for animals, she calls herself a “Yorkie Mom.” 

"My dream job would be to become a clinical veterinarian or work in animal rehabilitation. Animals also have a voice and feel as much as we do, and only we can help care for them," said Cedillo.