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A chance at a better life

Student of the Week: Randy Amador

Always eager to convey a positive attitude among his peers, Randy Amador says his education from South Texas College will offer him an opportunity for a better life.

Randy is currently a part time employee at STC’s Mid-Valley Campus while pursuing his Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership. Originally entering STC in 2013, Randy has become a fixture in intramural sports, Student Government Association, and Student Leadership Academy.

“My experience has been nothing but amazing to me. Professors are awesome, administrators are helpful, and my bosses are amazing. I'm a student worker and my bosses motivate me to be the best I can be,” Randy said. “I approach college with a positive attitude because I know with an education my life will be better.”

Student of the Week Randy Amador
“I motivate myself by thinking of my future and how I can help my family out with an education." 
Student of the Week Randy Amador

The Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, the first competency-based bachelor's degree from a Texas public institution focuses on skills that will helps students prepare for a position of leadership in business, government, non-profit, or educational organizations.

This degree is a personalized program with academic coaches and tutors who advise and mentor students. The upper division courses enable you to solve real-world business problems and demonstrate new skills through a final project that will be part of your portfolio for future opportunities. This type of personal attention helps students succeed and be ready to take on more challenges in today’s workplace.

“Success in college is a great achievement, it makes you feel better about getting closer to your dream job,” Randy said. “Students have to familiarize themselves with all the resources that South Texas College provides, from speaking to staff members and professors, to spending time at the library, CLE, and Jagnet. 

“I motivate myself by thinking of my future and how I can help my family out with an education,” he said.