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Advanced Manufacturing student sets the blueprint for a bright future

Student of the Week: Paige Puente

Coming from a family of shared interests, Paige Puente says she is ready to start her career in the manufacturing industry.

Currently a student at 21st Century Early College High School in Weslaco, Paige Puente is a dual enrollment student pursing an Associates of Applied Science in Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

“I chose advanced manufacturing technology because I want to be more informed on the different parts of trucks,” said Paige. “Hopefully I can get to a point where I can make those parts myself.”

The Precision Manufacturing degree at STC, encompasses many different aspects of machining and manufacturing. Students earn NIMS credentials (National Institute for Metal working Skills) which is the metal working certification industry standard. This is a series of modules including bench work layout, grinding, and turning operations. Most of the courses are set up to simulate actual working environments and prepares students for a successful career in the manufacturing field.

“STC has been very beneficial for me I feel like coming here is a great way to further my career after high school.”

Students of the Week Paige Puente

Growing up with a brother who shares the same interests, Paige says she received a lot of encouragement to pursue a degree in advanced manufacturing technology.

“My brother was an inspiration for me going into this field,” said Puente. “He would talk a lot about how interesting the field was, and it motivated me to pursue a manufacturing degree.

After STC, Paige says she would like to further her education and receive a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering at Texas A&M University Kingsville.

In the future, Paige says she wants to carry on the family tradition and start up her grandfather’s business again.

“I eventually want to re-open my grandfather’s manufacturing business. My brother and I plan to run the business,” said Paige. “I plan to open it here, and then hopefully go nationwide.”

Paige says STC has been a big part of her education, and says she has received a lot of knowledge from it.

“STC has been very beneficial for me,” explained Paige. “I feel like coming here is a great way to further my career after high school.”

Paige has a message to students who are trying to accomplish their goals.

“Never give up on your dreams, no matter what it may be,” said Puente. “If you reach for it, you’ll accomplish it.”