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Biology student braces for new journey at STC

Student of the Week: Courtney Logiudice

After being in the Navy for five years and traveling the world, Courtney Logiudice says she is ready to buckle down and finish school.

“Being in the Navy, I traveled to many places such as Bulgaria, Spain, Japan, and the Philippines. It was such an amazing experience.”

Currently a student at STC, Courtney is pursuing an associate degree in biology. She says biology is really interesting to her and has a very meaningful perspective on the subject.

“Science is so intriguing to me, it helps us understand life and everything around us.”

The Associate of Science Degree with a field of study in biology gives students the opportunity to take a core curriculum of general education courses with an emphasis in biology. Many exciting career opportunities are available in the science field including marine science, wildlife biology, and dentistry, to name a few.

After STC, Courtney says she wants to move on to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and receive a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.

“Everything that you go through in your life will eventually build you up to be the person you are today. If you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything, no matter what it is.”
Student of the Week Courtney Logiudice

“Since I’m going into medicine for psychiatry, chemistry will definitely prepare me for my field of choice.”

Courtney says her career goal is to be a psychiatrist. During her time traveling in the Navy, Courtney found out she wanted to pursue psychiatry through listening.

“There was such a wide variety and diversity of people I interacted with. They gave me a different perspective of different cultures,” Courtney said. “I wanted to learn more about the mind and the different background of people.”

“I want to help people with any psychological disorders or problems they may have,” Courtney says. “I want to help them get the right kind of medication that they need, as well as the proper help they might need.”

Courtney feels STC has prepared her for the future and the new journey she is on.

“I feel like I’m an entirely new person because of the knowledge I’ve gained and the classes I’ve taken,” Courtney says, “STC has made a big difference.”

Courtney has a message to students trying to accomplish their goals.

“Everything that you go through in your life, will eventually build you up to be the person you are today,” Courtney says. “If you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything, no matter what it is.”