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Climbing to Higher Education

Student of the Week: Luis Alonso


STC Precision Manufacturing Technology (PMT) student Luis Alonso is expected to earn his Associate of Applied Science this Spring 2022 term and continue earning a higher education with South Texas College. 

Luis Alonso sees life as a ladder. He said taking the first step is the easiest, but climbing to higher heights leave many still on that first step. 

As a first-generation college student in the Precision Manufacturing Technology (PMT) program, Alonso said he continued rising on that ladder with the help of his parents and STC Dual Credit program instructors.  

“I enrolled with the college Fall 2019 as a dual credit student attending Donna North High School," said Alonso. “I was introduced to the PMT program by STC dual instructor Jose Molina who really inspired me to continue my studies and earn my associate degree.” 

Alonso was determined to continue his studies after high school but did not know if he would attend college due to financial reasons.  

“I told Mr. Molina I would enroll, but it depended on my financial status,” Alonso said at the time. 

Now, a sophomore with STC and a two-time scholarship recipient of the Gene Haas AMT and Royal Tech Precision Manufacturing grant, Alonso was awarded $3,000 total to assist with his studies.  

“I was excited to receive the scholarships because that meant I could continue my college education into Spring 2021,” he said.  

The Precision Manufacturing Certificate program provides an environment to develop technical skills that are highly marketable to the area's industries. Most of the courses are set up to simulate actual working environments.  

South Texas College's cutting-edge training labs utilize top-level equipment from industry partners, such as  ZEISS Industrial Metrology Technical coursework begins in the first semester in order to develop a common skill base for the program. During this first semester, the students learn how to use computers to read and use industrial prints and gain technical skills. 

Alonso said his courses like Advanced Chemistry align with his job responsibilities as a manufacturing intern at Pharr’s Windsor Mold Texas Inc. 

“I am learning to make 3-D model products and use heat-treatment tools for metal along with grinder equipment,” said Alonso. “Everything I’m learning, I’ve applied it to my work and everything I learn at work, I apply it to my studies.” 

He thanks his parents for their continued support and STC instructors Jose Molina, Arthur Barber and Mario Olivera for guiding him.  

Luis is expected to complete his Associate of Applied Science in Fall 2022 and will continue his education for a bachelor’s degree with STC. 

“Education is a different stepping stone for everyone, so I would encourage them to keep climbing.”  


For more information about STC’s Advanced Manufacturing program visit https://www.southtexascollege.edu/academics/manufacturing/  


Education is a different stepping stone for everyone, so I would encourage them to keep climbing.