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Student of the Week: Carlos Broch


STC Automotive Technology student Carlos Broch, 19, attends STC’s Technology campus for his certificate in automotive technology. He is expected to receive the certificate Spring 2022 and continue his associate degree.  

For Automotive Technology student Carlos Broch, finding a way to commute to South Texas College became a priority for him.   

Broch knew he wanted to attend STC shortly after graduating from Donna High School last spring when he enrolled in the dual credit program of Metal Precision Manufacturing (MPM) taught by STC instructors. 

Broch, a freshman now said attending college was made possible through the Gene Haas AMT and Royal Tech Precision Manufacturing scholarships.  

“Receiving the scholarships helped me get a car to attend the technology campus where my classes are held,” said Broch. “I don’t know how I would’ve attended college without a vehicle.” 

He said his current courses allow him to get the hands-on experience he prefers through lab lectures and the practice he continues at home.  

“The automotive shop is very hands-on, and I like working with my hands because I learn a lot that way and STC provides that training,” said Broch. “The car I got had its problems and it was costly going to the mechanic, so I decided to work on it myself and it was so easy that I started fixing my family and friends' cars now.”  

The Automotive Technology program is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in the high technology automotive service industry like dealerships, independent garages, specialty automotive repair facilities and quick service shops  Students will gain knowledge in automotive heating and air conditioning systems, electrical/electronic systems, fuel injection, both manual and automatic transmissions/transaxles, engine performance and more. Hands-on learning in the labs develop diagnostic and troubleshooting skills and repair procedures. 

 Courses taken for completion of the Certificate Program can be applied toward completion of the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Automotive Technology. 

“You have a lot to learn and experience from,” said Broch. “Enrolling in the program helps me continue to practice my skills and I really enjoy it.”  

Broch’s career goal is to become a technician for the electric vehicle company, TESLA and earn his Associate of Applied Science by Fall 2023.  

“Don’t be intimidated by the work your courses offer you. Stick to your studies,” said Broch.  

For more information about STC’s Automotive Technology program, visit https://www.southtexascollege.edu/academics/automotive/ 




Carlos Broch, Student of the Week

I don’t know how I would’ve attended college without a vehicle.

Carlos Broch, Student of the Week