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Education a matter of heart for OTA student

Student of the Week: Briana Gisele Pedraza

As a future healthcare student, Briana Gisele Pedraza says she believes in pursuing what the heart desires.

Hard work and dedication to her education have led her to South Texas College where she is pursuing an associate degree in the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program while concurrently pursuing a bachelor degree in Medical and Health Services Management online.

The plan, she says, is to earn experience in the Occupational Therapy field while working for her doctorate in OT.

As a student with the Valley Scholars Program, Briana says that experience has enabled her to reconnect with old friends while creating new ones who all share the same goals of college success and community service.

“STC is my ideal place for a college education because it is affordable and offers all the tools and support I need to succeed in my field of study,” Briana said. “For me, time management, organization and limiting distractions, are key in my approach to college. I motivate myself to succeed in school by always thinking about my family and my community. I’ve had a lot of help and support getting to where I am today and I want to be able to pay that forward for others by being successful and by being supportive to others.”

Student of the Week Briana Gisele Pedraza
“STC is my ideal place for a college education because it is affordable and offers all the tools and support I need to succeed in my field of study."
Student of the Week Briana Gisele Pedraza

The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program at STC is a two-year program that prepares individuals for careers as Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTA) by enabling them to obtain their state licensure to practice under the supervision of a registered Occupational Therapist.

Occupational Therapy Assistants assist patients by providing services with the ultimate goal of increasing their independence in daily functioning. The recipients of therapy are those who have encountered problems that interfere with their ability to function in any stage of their development. The scope of services includes physical, cognitive, and psychological and psychosocial disorders.

“My message to my peers would be to pursue what the heart desires. A career choice is very personal,” Briana said. “Choose what you love, early on. If you love what you do, you will be successful. South Texas College offers an array of programs to choose from and an abundance of resources for you to succeed. There are financial aid, grant and scholarship opportunities to help cover the cost of college such as the Valley Scholars program that I have benefited from. In addition to that, you will find caring instructors who are there for you every step of the way.”