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Eyeing medical career, former dual student returns to her roots

Student of the Week: Kayla Morin

Even after receiving her bachelor degree away from home and then entering the workforce, Kayla Morin says returning to South Texas College after five years has been an amazing experience.

Kayla says she initially attended STC while still in high school as a student with the Dual Enrollment Medical Science Academy (DEMSA) in 2013. She graduated with her associate degree in Biology while still in high school, and then travelled to Texas A&M Kingsville where she completed a bachelor degree in Biomedical Sciences.

While at Kingsville, Kayla says she received her EMT Basic Certification and began working as an EMT when she returned to the Valley in 2019.

Now opting to take the next step into a career as a Physician’s Assistant, Kayla says entering PA school requires initial prerequisites be taken within five years, or she has to retake the class.

“It has been almost seven years since I last took those classes during my junior year in high school so I have been having to take my Biology courses along with courses in Chemistry,” Kayla said. “It has been awesome to see how STC has grown since I was last here.

“This is a great place to get an education, no matter where you go, STC has been amazing to me,” she said.

STC Student of the Week Kayla Morin
“This is a great place to get an education, no matter where you go.STC has been amazing to me.” 
STC Student of the Week Kayla Morin

DEMSA is designed to encourage area high school students like Kayla into the health care professions by providing college course-work and health related opportunities that will motivate, educate, and prepare students for higher education in the field of medicine.

With the support of the local health providers, DEMSA promotes and participates in efforts that will reinforce the schools' and communities' commitment to prepare students for careers in health care.

Kayla says she is currently employed at McAllen Heart Hospital as a Patient Care Technician. Looking forward to entering PA school likely by fall 2021, Kayla says she is eyeing the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley after completing the necessary requisites at STC.

“STC has benefitted me in many ways,” she said. “It helped me so much even as a dual enrollment student, and now even after receiving my bachelor degree the college is still helping me.”