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Following a dream

Student of the Week: Amanda Rodriguez

Education means a lot to Amanda Rodriguez and the women in her family so do the dream of becoming an architect and fulfilling her potential and love for numbers.

Rodriguez is a student in the Dual Enrollment Engineering Academy, a program for high school juniors and seniors to begin higher education while still earning their diploma.

With the support of the local engineers, the Dual Enrollment Engineering Academy (DEEA) will promote and participate in efforts that will reinforce the schools' and communities' commitment to preparing students for careers in Engineering.

Her pursuit of blueprint dreams is not just for her but for her mother as well.

“When my mother was growing up she wanted to go into architectural engineering but her father wouldn’t let her go,” Rodriguez said. “So I think, being a woman, education is going to help us be equal and empower us.”

Rodriguez enjoys the rigorous program because her professors make higher education as a dual enrollment student possible.

“I’ve enjoyed STC, the professors are really amazing,” “My physics class, here at STC, I’ve learned a lot more compared to in high school. Before I didn’t understand it in Pre-AP or AP but now I understand it.”

She is a standout math student and so many numbers and equations are another thing that draws her to the field of study.

“I love math and the great thing about engineering is there’s a lot of math,” Rodriguez said. “With architectural engineering, I love the designing aspect, it’s fascinating. I just love everything about it.”

Her plans after high school and her time in the DEEA program are to enroll in a four-year university in the state.

"I think, being a woman, education is going to help us be equal and empower us.”
STC Student of the Week Amanda Rodriguez

“After I finish high school I want to go to either UT Austin or Texas A&M,” She said. “From there I’d like to intern to see what it’s like in the field and then of course I want to be an architect.

“My youngest sister also wants to be an architect,” Rodriguez said. “She says she wants to work under me so that would be exciting.”

The goal of working in architectural design and engineering has become a family bonding point.

“When my mother found out that me and my sister wanted to be an architect she was very excited,” Rodriguez said. “Right now we’re remodeling the kitchen so she has me go with her where she buys the equipment or the people helping create everything. She helps me and my sister understand what’s going on.”

Her messages to prospective students pursuing design or even just the dual enrollment academies are don’t be afraid to ask and to learn.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” she said. “Sometimes people get afraid to ask things because we think it’s too ‘dumb’ but we need help and we should ask for help. It’s a game-changer when you actually ask for help.”