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Hold on to your dreams

Student of the Week: Giselle Lozano

“My journey does not end here, and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me.”
STC Student of the Week Giselle Lozano

Determined to become a police officer, Giselle Lozano enrolled at South Texas College because of services provided through its Student Disability Department. Deaf all her life, she graduates this spring with an associate degree in interdisciplinary studies and is on track to transfer in the fall for a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

“What stood out the most to me about STC in these last two years are how helpful and available the staff and professors were,” Lozano said. “Without their help, there would be no way I could’ve navigated a smooth journey in my educational career.”

It hasn’t been easy. With courses transitioning online because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lozano no longer had access to some of the services STC is known for. “What was hard for me the most was having virtual classes since I was used to learning the best in person as I am a visual learner and am provided a sign language interpreter to facilitate my learning,” Lozano said. “Regardless, the professors were very responsive to the questions I had regarding the assignments.”

Born and raised in Edinburg Texas, Lozano graduated from McAllen Memorial High School in 2018. In choosing the Interdisciplinary Studies program, she opted for a curriculum that provides students with a broad-based menu of courses that promote critical thinking skills and offers a wide range of transfer options. Courses range from History and English to Government, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and a wide array of electives.

Lozano finds her inspiration in her older sister, who earned a bachelor’s degree two years ago and is now working as a kindergarten teacher.

“I have felt discouraged many times, where I’m just ready to give up and question if it is all worth it,” Lozano said. “But the support that I’ve been given from staff, professors, friends and family remind me to never give up.”

Professors praise her dedication, noting Lozano serves as a tutor for others in her American Sign Language classes.

“Despite all the hardships inside the classroom and outside the classroom, Giselle has excelled tremendously in my course,” said one professor. “She has stepped up during a time when it is so easy to delay an education or simply give up.”

Said Lozano: “My journey does not end here, and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me. Never give up on yourself and on your dreams.”