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Student of the Week: Joshua Fellows

“The things you can now do with architectural technology is amazing. From graphics to virtual reality…I’m just inspired by the creativity of it all." 

STC Student of the Week Joshua Fellows

South Texas College student Joshua Fellows has always been curious about the world around him – from the way it looks to the architecture.

“I've always noticed buildings,” Fellows said. “But, I never really thought of it as a career until I saw the structures that are being created now, especially with the available technology.”

Fellows is part of the Architectural and Engineering Design Technology (AEDT) program at STC. He is pursuing an associate degree in Architectural and Visual Technology.

The goal of the AEDT program is to prepare students for employment in architectural, visual and civil engineering industries. Students who graduate from the program will have an understanding of the principles of drafting, architectural drafting, civil drafting, layout and design, application of the latest drawing software programs, current knowledge of building standards and codes, as well as construction materials and specifications.

Fellow wasn’t sure which area of study he wanted to pursue when he enrolled at STC in 2020. He found his path after seeing the advancements of the visual field and how versatile his new skills can be.

Students with an Architectural and Visual Technology degree are trained to create, manipulate, or enhance computerized images. The technicians can prepare the imaging needs for architects, engineers, contractors and publication agencies.

“The things you can now do with architectural technology is amazing,” Fellows said. “From graphics to virtual reality.”

Students can also utilize their visual technology skills for the creation of computer renderings and animations, digital photographs and video.

“Right now I’m kind of up in the air choosing between architecture and gaming,” Fellows said.

Fellows is also inspired by the creativity and vision of some of the more modern architects he has recently learned about, notably a company called Boxabl. 

“They make tiny homes, but from what I've seen, I don't really feel like it’s just a tiny home,” Fellows said. “It’s so much more than that. And there’s so much you can do with it. You can put them next to each other or stack them. It’s almost like Legos.”

The world of design has moved Fellows to create something special of his own. And his experience at STC has pushed him to keep reaching and keep his mind open to new ideas.

“I’m just inspired by the creativity of it all,” Fellow said.

For more information about the Architectural and Engineering Design Technology program, visit www.southtexascollege.edu/academics/aedt/.