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Just keep on learning

Student of the Week: Ariana Gallardo

"It's rigorous and I like the challenge. I know this experience is preparing me for college. I would definitely recommend it to other students."

STC Student of the Week Ariana Gallardo

Ariana Gallardo, 17, isn't one to shy away from a new educational opportunity. That curiosity is what led her to enroll in South Texas College's dual enrollment program.

This is Gallardo's first semester as a STC dual credit student. The South Texas ISD Science Academy senior said when she heard she could enroll concurrently in a college English course at her campus, she knew it would be beneficial. She wanted to try a more challenging class in one of her favorite subjects while simultaneously earning college credits.

"The class includes a lot of discussions, which I really like, and rhetoric and literary theory," Gallardo said. "English is a subject that I'm really interested in, so it's pretty cool to get to have these types of discussions with my classmates and have those complex talks."

South Texas College offers more than 150 unique dual credit courses taught by approved dual credit faculty from 21 partnering school districts. The STC Dual Credits program offers students the opportunity of taking classes either on campus or through designated high school sites.

"It's rigorous and I like the challenge," Gallardo said. "And I know this experience is preparing me for college. I would definitely recommend it to other students."

The STC English course curriculum has also strengthened her confidence in public speaking.

"Public speaking is a big part of the class discussions," Gallardo said. "Presentations also make up the majority of the class - presentations about a book and the analysis on it. I really enjoy it. Public speaking has become one of my favorite parts of the course."

Gallardo said she's enjoying the college course atmosphere so much that she hopes to find more subjects to tackle.

"I definitely want to take more classes next semester or summer classes to take advantage of the opportunity and also keep busy," Gallardo said.

Gallardo is still considering where she wants to attend university after she graduates high school this spring but is planning to major in forensics or study journalism due to her love of writing.

Along with taking eight classes and her dual enrollment courses, Gallardo is an ambassador for her high school and is starting a newspaper club on campus. She also enjoys playing basketball, soccer and crocheting. Gallardo has made it a habit to keep her eyes and mind open for chances to broaden her skills.

"I think it's important for people to just keep on learning," Gallardo said. "You're never too old to stop learning. There's always something new to learn."