10:27 AM

Letter to High School Me

Blog by: STC Alumni, Victoria Quintanilla

Right now you are really worried about making sure you prepare for the upcoming final exams, drama shows, and band concerts. There are a million and one things to do and merely enough time to cover all of them. But it will be all right, just breathe. You are doing well. Here are some retrospective tips to you from future you:

Do take that college art appreciation class

Trust me, it will help you open up your views and perspectives on the beauty around you. You will learn how to find that beauty and art, in everything around you. You will want to find more of it around the world, so much so that going to art museums and galleries will become a must-do as you travel the world.

Attend local college and high school musicals

This experience definitely gave you a curiosity to explore more kinds of music and an urge to hear music scenes around the world, from New York to Seoul. The passion the actors on stage and musicians in the orchestra pit emit are inspiring to you too, that is the passion you learn to encompass as you pursue your dreams and remember that you need to work for your rewards as you navigate college.

Create mentorships with your instructors

These instructors will not only assist you in achieving your dreams, but also encourage you to find new ones. Talk to them, they were once eager for advice and direction too, now they are open to sharing their experiences. They are always willing and eager to help young students; all you have to do is ask. Their experience and knowledge will help you figure out the logistics of your goals, instructors are an indispensable part of your support system, get to know them.