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Protect and to Serve

Student of the Week: Ricardo Guerra


STC Criminal Justice major Ricardo Guerra is an active member of Starr County's campus Intramural Sports, the Student Food Pantry and Student Leadership Academy. He is expected to graduate in Summer 2022 with an associate and pursue a career as a U.S. Customs Border Patrol Agent. 

Ricardo Guerra, Student of the Week

If I can do it, you can do it, give it another go.

Ricardo Guerra, Student of the Week

Inspired by public servants as a child, Criminal Justice student Ricardo Guerra knows he wants to serve and protect his community.  

Guerra is an active member of STC’s Intramural Sports, the Student Food Pantry and Student Leadership Academy and is trying to make the most of his college experience.  

“I was always shy to speak up because I was never that person to be outspoken, but I became more comfortable and involved with the campus community,” he said. “I can speak up more and am involved in everything I want to do and am attending campus events."  

The 21-years-old remembers looking up to police officers attending a middle school career fair.  

“I remember the presentation they gave when I was just a kid and I took an interest because they do a lot for our community,” said Guerra. “My courses have been great and as of right now we’re trying to put the pieces together for unsolved cases from the 90s,” said Guerra. “I’m learning and it feels like we’re the detectives since it’s giving us an insight into the field.”  

While Guerra is gaining those investigative skills, his leadership abilities are a plus to his career goal to become a U.S. Customs Border Patrol Agent. 

“The Student Leadership Academy does a lot, we lead other students and give back to the community through volunteer work such as clean-ups and we develop our professional skills. 

Graduates of STC’s Criminal Justice program find employment opportunities in law enforcement at the federal, state and local level, adult and juvenile correctional facilities, community correctional programs, child advocacy, juvenile agencies, victim advocacy, protective services and other service agencies.  

Guerra will earn his associate in criminal justice in Summer 2022 and transfer to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley for his bachelor’s degree.  

“I always tell my younger cousins and friends to ‘follow your dreams’ and I try to be a role model to them,” he said. “If I can do it, you can do it, give it another go.”

 He thanks his mother for her support and for helping him f on his goals.  

“It means a lot to have support, to be involved with my campus but we need to take the time to really enjoy it.”  

For more information on STC’s Criminal Justice program visit https://www.southtexascollege.edu/academics/criminal-justice/