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SGA President starts political career close to home

Student of the Week: Zayline De La O

With local and state elections looming large this week, Starr County Student Government Association President Zayline De La O is recognized as student of the week.

De La O plans to get out and change the world. She sees herself working in legislation and affecting policy in government but first, she’s growing here at South Texas College.

She was elected SGA President at STC’s Starr County Campus in Rio Grande City and is honing her skills for the field while learning the ropes of government.

The second-year student, from nearby Roma, Texas spoke to fellow students, professors and made flyers on her ‘campaign trail’ to win the election.

After competing in debates in high school, she knew her interests leaned towards policy, government and dressing up when it’s time to make a point. She is a political science major slated to earn her associates this school year.

The Associate of Arts degree with a field of study in Political Science is designated for students planning to transfer to a political science bachelor program or related field at a four-year institution.

“It feels really nice to have a supportive group of people who want to do the same thing as you. Because it's really hard, especially getting into politics. It's hard to want to make a difference or make a change when you have many people against you,” De La O said. ‘Unfortunately it is going to happen. So it is going to be hard to want to make something better when many people are opposed to it.”

Originally hoping to study further away from home, she’s glad she stayed close to home to begin her educational journey.

“I enrolled in STC and to be honest I am so grateful that I decided to do that because I've also had a great experience,” 
Starr County SGA President Zayline De La O

“I enrolled in STC and to be honest I am so grateful that I decided to do that because I've also had a great experience,” De La O said. “Just the first semester, my professors were great, very open and really nice people. The students were great as well. It's where you feel like home, where you know you're important.”

De La O hopes to advance not only for a bachelor’s degree but to law school after that.

She knows the importance of being involved in local politics. This week, individuals can head the polls to vote on statewide and local propositions.

“I think voting is important for us as individuals, [it’s] an essential part of our own cities, our own towns to be involved in what's going on, in what our leaders want to do for the better of our communities.” De La O said.

Her message to other students was simple.

“Always be involved. Always want to do something for your people,” she said.