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Social work student at STC strives to be an advocate for others

Student of the Week: Alicia Reyes

In recognition of National Social Work month in March, South Texas College recognizes student Alicia Reyes who says social work is her special calling.

Those who choose a career path in social work, choose to empower millions of people. Some of whom are the most vulnerable in our society.

Starting out at STC, Alicia found herself talking to advisors who she says really put her on the right track.

“The advisor I spoke to was very helpful,” expressed Alicia, “The advisor recommended social work to me and I jumped at the opportunity.”

Currently a student at STC, Alicia is pursuing an Associate of Arts in Social Work degree and says she wants to be able to connect people to the services that are available to them.

“I want to pursue a degree in social work because I would like to be an advocate for those people that really need help,” said Alicia.

The Associate of Arts in Social Work at STC prepares students to work in a variety of public or private settings. These settings include schools, hospitals, juvenile detention centers, and home health agencies.

After STC, Alicia plans to attend the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley to pursue a bachelor’s degree in social work degree.


“I want to pursue a degree in social work because I would like to be an advocate for those people that really need help." 
Student of the Week Alicia Reyes

Alicia’s career goal is to become a counselor, she says the people in our community are her biggest priority.

“I want to have my own office and be able to tend to our Hispanic citizens that I feel need it the most,” said Alicia. “I want to assist them with whatever it is they need.”

Alicia feels STC is preparing her for the path she wants to take.

“I have had the best instructors from my core objectives to just the basics,” said Alicia. “All the instructors I have encountered have left me with something that I'm going to use to better myself in my career.”

“I have nothing but good reports for STC, and I have been spreading the word.”

Alicia has a message for students trying to accomplish their goals and dreams.

“Don't give up,” expressed Alicia. “Do not delay, if you must delay for educational purposes, for monetary purposes, go back. It's never too late.”