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STC Board approves to extend modified work week


STC Board of Trustees unanimously voted to extend the four-and-a-half-day work week, but he quality of service the college provides to its students, especially during peak registration times has not wavered, in fact STC is offering extended hours during the month of August.

Following a positive response from faculty and staff during the summer’s pilot program of four-and-a-half-day work weeks, South Texas College Board of Trustees unanimously voted to extend the initiative into the academic year, while keeping student interests in mind.

The modified work week will take effect August 2022 and extend into August 31, 2023.

The revised work week was first approved by the STC Board of Trustees on May 12, 2022, and launched May 16, 2002.

South Texas College President Ricardo J. Solis said this is the college’s way of staying on top of employment trends.

STC President Dr. Ricardo J. Solis

“If COVID taught us anything, it’s that people like flexibility, and these are competitive hiring times. This is our new normal since COVID and employment trends are showing that a work/life balance is important for employees, and we have to adjust.”

STC President Dr. Ricardo J. Solis

In a survey completed by college employees, 83% responded showed an interest in extending the adjusted schedule.

The survey also provided feedback on work productivity, work/life balance, lunch schedules, longer weekend and employee morale, which showed that at least 75% of employees are satisfied with new work schedule offered.

Hector Cerda, STC coordinator of Enrollment Services said the four-and-a-half-day work week has been beneficial to him professionally and personally.

“Of course, I enjoy having an extended weekend and having more time to spend with my family,” said Cerda. “But, during the week, we also get to serve more students; especially our non-traditional, working students because we are open later during the first part of the week.”

He added, that on Monday through Thursday, with hours extending into 6 p.m., because of the new schedule, he has seen an increase of non-traditional students visiting Enrollment Services and requesting information on how to return to the classroom.

“I’ve received great feedback from the students we serve,” he said. “They’re thankful that we now have later hours that fit their schedule.”  

STC Operations Management program student and part-time Student Activities Coordinator Assistant Jaime Perez, said for him as a student who also serves students, he has also seen the benefit of the four-and-a-half-day work week.

“Students have more time to visit student activities and enjoy the services we offer,” he said. “They get to meet up with friends after class and have time to enjoy their college experience on campus. It’s helps them discover student life.”

The quality of service the college provides to its students, especially during peak registration times has not wavered.

For the month of August, STC is offering extended hours including Fridays until 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“We are adjusting our hours to better serve our students,” said STC Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Matthew Hebbard. “For us, this is all about meeting the needs of our students and servicing their needs on the days and times they prefer, while also meeting the needs of our faculty and staff. It’s a win-win.”   

Registration for fall 2022 is underway.

For more information or to register, visit southtexascollege.edu.