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STC graduate writes his way into successful journalism career

South Texas College alumnus reflects on his upbringing and the hard work it took to accomplish his dream.

South Texas College alumnus and bilingual reporter, Genaro Tijerina, is now in the studio and ready to start the day.

Genaro, originally from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico was raised in General Bravo, Nuevo Leon. He came to the United States for a better life. Being the son of immigrants, he and his parents were always traveling.

“When I used to live in Mexico with my parents, we would go back and forth all the time,” said Genaro. “My parents would work in the fields in California and Texas.”

Growing up, Genaro always dreamed of being a television anchor and says he knew exactly how he would make it happen.

“I remember as a kid, I would tell myself ‘Im going to move to the United States, learn English, and become an anchor one day,’” said Genaro. “I knew it was going to be a tough goal to reach, but I was motivated to make it happen.”

Genaro’s journey of being an anchor started at the age of 16 where he attended the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon. There, he received first place in the National Science Competition “VII World Science for all 2001-2002” and had the chance to visit the President of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quezada.

Genaro migrated to the United States at the age of 18. It was then that he enrolled at South Texas College, where he decided to pursue a Bachelors of Applied Technology Degree in Technology Management (BAT).

The BAT program at STC educates, trains, and develops successful supervisors who will be prepared to utilize technology to create a competitive advantage for their company.

“I enjoyed being in the BAT program. One of my biggest mentors was Dr. Ali Esmaeili,” explained Genaro. “When I graduated, I graduated with four different honor societies that include the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success, Kappa Beta Honor Society, English Honor Society, and the Vice President Honor Society.”

Soon after graduating from STC, Genaro found himself in the spotlight, landing several jobs including Telemundo 40 in McAllen, Entravision in McAllen, and Telemundo 60 in San Antonio.

“I am always going to be proud to be a Jaguar from South Texas College,” said Genaro. “South Texas College is an excellent college that taught me everything I needed to know.”
Genaro Tijerina

“One of the things I remember working with these different companies, is that I got to interview people like Beto O’ Rourke, Julian Castro, and Ted Cruz,” said Genaro.

Genaro is now breaking the mold by making his dream a reality working for Univision in Philadelphia as a bilingual journalist.

“I work in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware,” said Genaro. “Some of the things my job consists of is working with the community, covering breaking news stories, and writing in English and Spanish."

Genaro feels like he has learned a lot being able to cover news in different states and says the experience has been amazing.

“My experience in these different states has been a rewarding experience,” expressed Genaro.

“Two weeks ago, I received an email that I was selected as top journalist of the year by the National Association of Top Professionals from New York,” said Genaro.

While receiving the award, Genaro says he was overwhelmed with emotions and was taken back to his childhood.

“I had a flashback when I opened the award,” explained Genaro. “It took me back to those times growing up in Mexico when I was poor and didn’t have much. I looked back to where I started to where I am now.”

Genaro thanks South Texas College for the path he is on, and says he is proud of where he started.

“I am always going to be proud to be a Jaguar from South Texas College,” said Genaro. “South Texas College is an excellent college that taught me everything I needed to know.”

With the press of a button, Genaro is now on camera. He says that hard work pays off and says he wants to continue moving forward.

“As a son of immigrants, I came to America to have a better life, and I think I am achieving that slowly but surely,” expressed Genaro.

“I am very motivated to continue moving forward,” said Genaro. “I see the suffering of those individuals trying to cross for a better life and I want to do this for them.”