14:12 PM

STC introduces CARES ACT funded scholarships for fall 2020


South Texas College has announced that it will begin offering scholarships to eligible dual and traditional “last dollar” students who have completed their FAFSA application, and who are registered for fall courses.  

South Texas College introduces two new scholarship opportunities for students who are seeking to enroll at the College in the fall.

Approved by STC’s Board of Trustees in June, the college will begin offering two scholarships to dual and traditional “last dollar” students who have completed their FAFSA application, and who are registered for fall courses.

STC plans to award approximately $1.2 million in scholarships to students. One scholarship will be $250 for STC Dual Credit Program seniors who just graduated from high school. The other will be a "last dollar" scholarship for traditional students.

The first scholarship is for eligible recent high school graduates who participated in the STC Dual Enrollment program and are enrolled for at least 12 hours in the fall. The second scholarship is for eligible traditional students who are enrolled for at least 9 hours in the fall to receive last dollar funds applied towards their final balance after all grants and scholarships are applied such as federal Pell grants or state aid.

The CARES Act authorizes the U.S. Secretary of Education to make additional awards to address needs directly related to the coronavirus. South Texas College was awarded an allocation due to its Minority Serving Institution status and has opted to use fund to create CARES Act grant funded scholarships for students.

In order to apply for the scholarships, students must submit their application online through a link on STC’s website. In order to determine eligibility, only students who are or could be eligible for Federal Title IV programs will be considered. Detailed eligibility criteria and the scholarship application are available on the STC website at www.southtexascollege.edu/cares-scholarship.

STC will award scholarships on a first come, first served basis. Scholarships will be awarded until funds are depleted, upon which the college will stop accepting applications. Students who are awarded the scholarship will be notified via e-mail.

DREAMers needing financial assistance are encouraged to submit a free Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TAFSA) and contact the Office for Student Financial Services at 956-872-8375 to learn more about state aid programs.