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STC Student Pursues Dream of Becoming Registered Nurse: Fueled by Passion

Student of the Week: Rolando Gonzalez Jr.


STC Starr County Biology Club President and ADN (associate degree in nursing) student Rolando Gonzalez Jr. fulfills a new passion by combining medical experience with community outreach.  

Rolando Gonzalez Jr., Student of the Week

“There’s a reason why we go to college - to have a future for ourselves, but you should also enjoy your time there." 

Rolando Gonzalez Jr., Student of the Week

Inspired by an uncle in the healthcare field, Rolando Gonzalez Jr. Is pursuing an associate degree in nursing at South Texas College. 

“It was pretty cool seeing him interact with patients and it stuck with me ever since,” said Gonzalez. “I knew this is what I wanted to do since I was sixteen and I had the chance to shadow him on different cases.”  

After high school in Rio Grande City, Gonzalez gained experience as a medical assistant with Pediatric Practice Association working alongside his uncle.  

“I trained under my uncle for weeks in pediatric care and decided to continue my health care education with South Texas College,” said Gonzalez.  

During his time with the pediatric clinic, the 22-year-old handled everything from drawing blood to checking vitals and administering vaccines.  

Now focused on his studies, Gonzalez is also taking time to do volunteer work. 

“As president of the biology club I am giving back to the community with my peers,” he said.  

Student members of Starr County’s Biology club recently helped clean up a McAllen Park and organize two fundraising events.  

“It was great to be involved because we help keep the community clean and I know it means a lot to residents and visitors of the Valley,” Gonzalez said.  

The aspiring (RN) registered nurse shares some advice to future health care students.  

“School is going to have its challenges but if you put all your effort in it, you can make it. Nothing can stop you from reaching your goals when there is passion behind it,” he said.     

He is expected to graduate this Spring and will transfer to a university to obtain a Bachelor’s in Science. He thanks his parents for motivating him and his uncle who has been working in the health care field for 25 years.  

“There’s a reason why we go to college - to have a future for ourselves, but you should also enjoy your time there,” he said.