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Student of the Week Ashley Briseño

Ashley Briseño believes that any student can find a passion for their future career while attending school. At first uncertain of her major and focused on her basics at South Texas College, Ashley said she has recently become intrigued, working to create a healthier lifestyle this summer.

Ashley said her goal is to become a nutritionist and shares her experiences as a student at STC.

“This is new to me because I never really had a plan, nor did I know what I wanted to do after high school,” she said. “My first year I wanted to be a chemistry major, but then I went from pharmacy to forensics. This summer, I just recently switched to nutrition because I realized I want to encourage others on how to live a better lifestyle,”

Ashley said she is incredibly active in STC and enjoys serving as a role model. She genuinely cares about making a difference and is full of spirit wherever she goes.

“After I graduate from Texas A&M College Station, I plan to come back home to the RGV to look for a job whether in a hospital or possibly get my minor in business and open up my practice. I’m dreaming big,” she said.

As a message to students, Ashley says it’s ok not to know what you want to do at first.

“It’s perfectly normal to be indecisive with your major. It is also okay to go into college not knowing what you want to do. At STC, there are career centers to assist you,” she said. “With time, you will grow, and you will find what you want to do. I didn't think I would ever find what I wanted to do at all. Don’t be afraid of the unknown.”


Top accomplishments:

“The biggest accomplishment I have made to this day is actually going to college. I think there are many students these days who chose not to go to college after they finish high school.”

“Handling two jobs and staying responsible through it all is an accomplishment for me. In the process, I have been learning about the time management and being responsible to the commitments I make.”