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The Double Life; STC Student Manages Cases and Restaurant to Pursue Work in Court

Student of the Week: Laura I. Hinojosa


Roma, TX resident and STC student Laura I. Hinojosa is certain about what her future looks like thanks to her BASOL studies and current employers. The restaurant manager and legal assistant to an attorney undoubtedly knows what she is meant to do after nine years.  

Laura I. Hinojosa is now more certain than ever about what her future holds thanks to South Texas College and the mentorship of her current employers.  

While holding two jobs as a restaurant manager and legal assistant to an attorney, Hinojosa finished what she started for her and her mother. 

"I began in 2012 with the thought of becoming an educator to earn my associate in interdisciplinary studies,” she said. It took me nine years to complete my associate degree due to economic reasons and uncertainty of what I wanted.”  

Hinojosa shares that her mother suffered a stroke last February and was determined to graduate. 

“My mother had a brain bleed and I was always at her bedside while I took my classes online for some time,” she said.  

Hinojosa walked December’s 2021 graduation ceremony with her associate in hand and is pursuing her Bachelors of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership (BASOL) - a Capstone program preparing individuals to become innovative leaders in the workforce by developing skills in leadership, ethics and communication. 

“I work two fulltime jobs as a restaurant manager and legal assistant going on three years now,” said Hinojosa. “I believe with my BASOL degree that it will help me grow in both businesses.”  



Laura I. Hinojosa, Student of the Week

“We have to trust the way we’re paving. The right time will come to reach your goals."

Laura I. Hinojosa, Student of the Week

As an assistant in Rio Grande City under Melisandra Mendoza Attorney at Law, Hinojosa shares her day-to-day responsibilities of managing the office, leading others and communicating with current clients about their cases.  

“My employer was the one who actually motivated me into getting my bachelor’s,” shares Hinojosa. “She’s been a mentor to me all this time and because of her now I know what I want to do.”  

The 28-year-old sees law school in her future.  

“Being introduced to this whole new world of the legal system has really opened my eyes,” said Hinojosa.  

She thanks her husband, mother and employers for the support they have given along the way.  

“We have to trust the way we’re paving. The right time will come to reach your goals,” she said.