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Dual student on fast-track towards medical career

Student of the Week: Andrew Alvarez

I knew that I wanted to do this, even if it was a long drive. I am learning so much that it is worth it the long days.

STC Student of the Week Andrew Alvarez

Andrew Alvarez, South Texas College Biology student, is on a path toward becoming a doctor, exemplifying unwavering commitment to his goals. 

Before enrolling at STC, Alvarez, 19, had already set his sights on a future in medicine. Driven by the determination to become a doctor, he attended a unique high school dedicated to nurturing future health care and medical professionals - South Texas ISD Health Professions.

“You need to sign up in middle school to get a seat for high school.” Said Alvarez. “But I knew that I wanted to do this, even if it was a long drive. I am learning so much that it is worth it the long days.”

As a student at South Texas ISD Health Professions, he also has the opportunity to study at STC, and only in his second year, Alvarez is already on track to earn his associate degree in Biology.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Alvarez also plays an active role on campus as a work study at the Counseling and Student Accessibility Services department. His responsibilities include notetaking and demand a deep commitment to academic excellence. Alvarez's dedication and skills have made him an asset to the office.

“I have been working there since last December; it feels rewarding to know that I can help students who struggle, or need help putting their thoughts together,” he said. “I get to help them out by creating outlines that will help them reach their goals.”

Amidst a busy schedule, Alvarez has met numerous mentors who offer advice, guidance and encourage him to become active with STC’s Student Activities and Wellness department.  He’s now a proud member, plays intramural sports, flag football to be exact, and advocates for other students to join in.

“When I am not in class, I am working and when I am on a break or on my days off, I participate in student activities. It's my getaway from everything,” said Alvarez.

He added that everything his high school and STC have to offer, is paving his way to achieving his dream of becoming a doctor.