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'Enjoy the journey'

Student of the Week: Idalia Cazares

"Any goals we set in life can be accomplished. Our culture, values, and vision for success are tailored to our beliefs."
Student of the Week Idalia Cazares

Through years of experience, Idalia Cazares says she has learned that any goals we set in life can be accomplished. Our culture, values, and vision for success are tailored to our beliefs, she said.

Returning to college in her 50s, Idalia hopes she can be a role model for women her age to never stop dreaming. So close to receiving her bachelor degree, the next step is proceeding with a master's degree in human resources, she said.

Idalia is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Technology in Technology Management. Initially returning to school during the summer of 2015, Idalia said she began slowly, taking one class at a time to test herself but gathered her courage and opted to go full-time.

Idalia said she chose STC carefully, and was attracted to the programs offered. She also needed to find the right schedule that would enable her to balance school with a full-time job. The online courses at STC worked wonderfully and very affordable, she said. They enabled her to work at her own pace and her own schedule.

“I decided to return back to school and wanted to get my feet wet to see if I would be able to make it,” she said. “I took one class here and there to test myself, but soon after I became brave and started taking 3-4 classes at a time and I loved it.”

The Bachelor of Applied Technology Degree (BAT) in Technology Management seeks to educate the next generation of successful supervisors who will be prepared to utilize technology to create a competitive advantage for their enterprise.

Graduates are educated in the fundamentals of business management, finance, information technology and manufacturing. Coursework is balanced between practical training and working with real-life projects that enhance the educational experiences and employment potential for students.

“My college perspective has been to follow your heart and dreams and never doubt yourself. It is possible no matter what age you are,” Idalia said. “For me the biggest struggle was to try, but once I had one foot in, there was no turning back for me only because I really enjoyed it. My motivation is to strive for success and knowing that all the hard work will pay off soon.

“Obtaining an education is possible at any age and never too late,” she said. “Stay focused on your goals but ALWAYS enjoy the journey... have a plan.”