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Firefighter in training, Charles Silguero says he is ready to serve

Student of the Week: Charles Silguero

Committed to helping residents in the community, Charles Silguero is currently studying at STC’s fire Academy located at the college’s new Regional Center for Public Safety Excellence in Pharr, and plans on receiving his associate in Fire Science this December.

“It has been a different experience on its own,” Charles said. “After I weighed my options between various agencies, I believe this choice allowed me to give back more to my community.

“It’s a different sort of fulfillment when you are out there volunteering your time or helping people out there who need assistance, whether it be an accident or emergency.”

Fire Prevention Week will be celebrated Oct. 7 to Oct. 13 in 2018. South Texas College faculty say they have selected Charles for his commitment to the fire science program.

He began at the academy in late August. After he completes the program, he said he intends to find a job as a firefighter in one of the communities in the Rio Grande Valley.

“It has been very exciting. Every day we are learning new and different things. We’re not just tested mentally, we’re tested physically,” he said. “We learn everything from the way fire behaves, how to save victims who are either conscious or unconscious, how to use hose lines and how to extinguish fires in the correct manner without damaging property.”

“After I weighed my options between various agencies, I believe this choice allowed me to give back more to my community."
Student of the Week Charles Silguero

Top accomplishments:

“I am proud that I have passed all my exams and my agilities. I hope I can fulfill my accomplishment of graduating by December and getting my state certification.”

“My ultimate goal is to get into a city nearby and start working and helping out within the community.”

“To be able to go into this profession is very rewarding,” Charles said. “Looking back, I wish I would have done this sooner, but nonetheless, it’s good that I’m already here now.”