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Making the world a better place

Student of the Week: Liyah Uvalle

“I honestly just want to be able to make the world a better place."

STC Student of the Week Liyah Uvalle

Liyah Uvalle, an aspiring Texas game warden, is on the verge of completing her associate degree program at South Texas College.

Growing up, Uvalle's childhood was a journey marked by resilience. Raised by a single mother, she embraced a life that meant frequent moves from place to place. Despite what was going on in her personal life she was on a mission to make her mother proud by continuing her education.

“She not only just had me, but she also had to take care of my two younger siblings. I want to thank my mother for everything because she continues to support me in everything that I do,” said the 20-year-old.

Uvalle will receive her associate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in spring 2024. She plans on returning to STC to pursue a bachelor’s degree from one of our five bachelor’s degree programs.

Entranced by the role of game wardens, who safeguard not only people but also wildlife and the environment, Uvalle envisions a career where her efforts contribute to the betterment of society.

“I honestly just want to be able to make the world a better place,” said Uvalle.

Her engagement at STC goes beyond her academics. As a work-study employee with Student Activities, she contributes to the vibrant campus community, emphasizing the transformative impact of what the department can do.

Beyond her responsibilities as a work-study, Uvalle also has a deep passion for volleyball and actively participates in STC’s Intramural Sports. She not only enjoys the game, but she has also taken on a mentoring role, sharing her skills with her teammates this year.

“I started to play volleyball when I was in third grade, and I stayed consistent with the sport I am actually teaching some of my teammates this year,” she said. “Being a part of student activities has definitely taken me out of my shell.”

As she approaches the completion of her associate degree program, the chapters ahead promise further academic achievement and a continued impact on the STC community.